Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Events

I went to Cades Cove on the 2nd because it snowed a little and wanted to capture some photographs of that snow. I have posted lots of photographs from that trip.

On the 4th Mason (10 month old grandson) had minor surgery. I was worried way too much, I know God is in control. Mason did great, slept a lot that afternoon, but after that couldn't even tell he had anything done. God is great, and I need to remember that at all times.

The 2nd weekend we had all my husband's siblings and their spouses for Christmas (there are 9 siblings). We had a great time.

Middle of the month Wendy and Lukas found out their baby is a boy. Wendy has a blog and currently she doesn't post much else, she (they) are so excited about this baby. You can visit her at to see her latest photographs. The baby is due early May 2009.

The weekend before Christmas we went to Georgia for my family Christmas, and as always there was a large crowd. We love seeing the little ones opening the packages. My nephew, Trip, always gets so excited about his John Deere item I always get him. You would think it is his first John Deere tractor or wagon, etc. I get him something John Deere every year because it is so much fun seeing how excited he gets. Someday I am sure he will outgrow it, but we will still have these memories. The other children all enjoy theirs too, but Trip is so excited that it excites us all.

Christmas is always great, and this year was no exception. With Mason's first Christmas we were all excited, and Jimmy and I were at their house when Mason got his Santa gifts too. Just think what it will be like next year with 2 grandsons.

For Mason's first Christmas they had to have Christmas cards with a family photo. You can click here to see their family portrait I took for them to use. The day I took these portrait shots Mason was just beginning to stand without holding on.

I asked for a photographer's blind for Christmas. I got a 2 seater, hunters blind. Told Jimmy since he bought a 2 seater he has to go and sit with me and be quiet. Not going to happen! He doesn't know how to sit still. In time when I learn enough about the proper place to be with it, and I get a lot of activity he might be willing to go with me beacuse he can see the birds so good and doesn't have to use binoculars. Until then, I am sure I am on my own. I have already been trying it out, the photographs shown here were taken from the blind. The blind was sitting in the middle of my deck, because I haven't trained the birds where I want them to be. Working on that one.

The day after Christmas Jimmy and I applied for passports, and both gave blood at the local blood bank. If we are going to leave the country we figured we should give blood before we go, so while it was on our minds and we had some time off we went on over to the blood bank. More about that if the trip does happen. Still waiting for Jimmy's time off approval, which hopefully will happen on Monday when his boss returns to work.

And of course the work on the home 'away from home' is progressing. This month we got wiring redone, public water and gas to the house, indoor plumbing , including a hot water heater,toilet (YES!), and bathroom sink, roof, gutters, a heat unit installed. It is becoming more than a COLD shell of a house. Not quite livable yet, but it is getting real close. Did I say toilet? Oh yeah, already said that. I have been checking out the bird population and am happy to say it looks like I will be keeping my camera at ready.

While Jimmy was working on the house I finally went through the photographs I took at Perry's Water Lily Farm on July 4th. Have posted some to help us through this dreary looking December. And will probably be posting some more shortly.
This is my 548th post for 2008, and my last. Not bad since I started in late April. I hope I have added some joy to your blogging adventure this year, and hope to see all of you in 2009.

Happy New Year to all!!!


George said...

You had a very busy December, but I hope it was as good as it sounds. I also hope you and your family have a very Happy New Year.

Craig Glenn said...

Happy New Year Leedra!

Enjoyed your post today. What part of Ga? I grew up in South Ga in Tifton.


Shellmo said...

You've had a great year Leedra w/ family, fun and birding! What a great gift you got - the bird blind! I need one! Your photos are beautiful and I look forward to your ones in 2009 as you go "under cover".
Happy new year my friend!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Leedra... Great post. You DID have a busy December... Congrats on TWO grandsons (almost)... Bet you can't wait 'til next Christmas... It is such joy to be around little ones at Christmas. Glad Mason's surgery went well. It's always scary!!!!

Glad you got a Blind... I'll come and sit with you... WELL--on second thought I may not be patient enough!!! Need to learn in order to get good bird shots like you do.

Happy New Year. I have really enjoyed getting to know you..

Richard said...

My blind in a garage window or a piece of lattice near the feeders. Yours has to be more comfortable then that.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It was a joy to read about your December happenings.Yes,you have brought joy into my life by the posts you made.I am so thankful for my'blogger friends',I look forward to computer time to see what everyone has to share.
Wishing you and yours a New Year filled to over flowing with God's Blessings,Ruth

lisaschaos said...

Sounds like things have been busy there. Hey, I got a blind too about a month ago but I haven't put it to use yet. We should get together. :)

Happy New Year!

Gardener's Garden said...

Leedra I absolutely cannot how many posts you have made in less than a year and I've enjoyed every single one of them. I especially admire the people who can write and I'm looking forward to more in the new year.

Dorothy said...

Hi Leedra,
Oh, how nice to have a blind to shoot from!!! I've enjoyed your blog so much.
I hope your new year is good!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

It seems like you had a busy and happy time Leedra. I look forward to seeng your photographs from the blind.

Jen said...

Happy New Year Leedra!!
I'm so happy to hear you got your blind. I have to start reminding my hubby to take the camera too when he is hunting, he comes homes and tells of all the other wildlife he sees while out there.
Best wishes for a great 2009 for you and your family.