Friday, April 30, 2010

Common Columbine

I sat and photographed this common columbine bloom as the light changed,
but I like the first photograph the best.
Very slight difference in the 2nd and 3rd photograph.
I have 4 or 5 clumps that look like this.
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bleeding Hearts in full bloom

How many ways can a person photograph a Bleeding Heart plant?Way too many.....
Then I can't decide which one I really like.

This one is already in a card.
See just the slight difference in turn of the heart from the one above.

This one is early on, before they branched on out like the last photos.

Please pray for Dorothy's son and Darla's Father.
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Blog comments frustration

I am going on my soapbox here. I go and visit blogs and view the post, read (sometimes long) post and get ready to comment. Open up comments and the setting is embedded and then I cannot comment from the computer I am using. One of my computers does not let me comment at all on the embedded comments page (I don't know why), and the other computer I use lets me sometimes and does not sometimes.

I wish everybody would set comments to half page or full page. If you are set to embedded you are missing out on good comments alot. I have seen many post about this in the past and do not understand why blogspot's default is embedded, but it is easy to change. Go to settings, comments. Make the change and be sure to save at the bottom of the page.

I just visited a blog that I know I have visited in the past and did not have this problem, now they are set to embedded.

I know that I am not the only one that has this problem.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Purple Wisteria

I am home from Stitches South. Had a WONDERFUL time, spent way too much time ( and money) in the market place. Came home with yarn and ideas for myself and to sell (for my Etsy shop). In time I will show my workshop accomplishments, none of which are quite complete at this time. I took two entrelac workshops from a wonderful teacher, Gwen Bortiner, one of the nations top entrelac experts. She has an entrelac book coming out in August at Stitches Midwest, out for the general public in September. Sweaters, etc in this book, I can't wait to get my copy, but I won't be going to Stitches Midwest.
Oh yes, the purple wisteria above is not at my arbor, but in my backyard. It is from my mother's yard, which means it is from my Granny's yard. Wish I knew where all Granny's flowers originated, may be from several more generations of my family.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Snow in the oldest town in Tennessee

I went to the knitters group on Wednesday. Did you ever meet somebody and the two of just could not shut up? Yes, Shelley and Betsy and I did that when we met last year. I already felt like I knew Shelley and Betsy. Well, the lady that invited me to the knitters group (that I met and spoke to for about 5 minutes a month ago) and I hit it off that well, that fast. We both felt our knitting, etc. We have plans of getting together in addition to the knitters group. So, yes I had a great time. Will be returning.
Now to my photo op that was created by going to Dandridge right after the knitters group meeting. I was on my way to the courthouse (car tag time yet again), and this is what I see.
And the pink snow is actually falling as I pull over to take pictures.
I had to get up on the side to try to get the road traffic and the house across the street out of the background.
This was gorgeous!
The blooms are falling off as whole blooms, not just pedals.
Not sure why God didn't make snow pink.
But He really gave me a treat with this pink snow.

There actually were some blooms still on the trees.

Now to what I am doing today and the rest of the week. I am headed to Atlanta to Stitcher's South. I am taking 4 different classes, all knit related. One is needle felting on felt. Yep, already doing that, but I am sure I will pick up some 'ah ha' stuff about needle felting. I am taking 2 entrelac classes, one about entrelac design. I also design entrelac already, but again sure there is ALOT for me to learn. Friday evening I will be meeting my Mother for supper. Just not enough time while I am there to visit more family than that. Saturday as soon as class is out I will be heading to whichever house my hubby is at so I can see him some over the weekend.
I hope everybody likes God's pink snow that He sent my way.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daffodils are still blooming around here

I just can't get enough of my daffodils.
They have all been so pretty this year.
And they just keep blooming.

When I went to the Fiber Festival in Townsend last month I found out there is a group of 'knitters' that meet 5 miles from my house once a month. I am off to meet with them for the first time this morning. I am so excited that they are right here, and I don't have to drive to Knoxville for it. I am sure I am fixing to make several new friends.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tree Swallow and White Wisteria

The first spring after we bought the property Jimmy built this in the middle of the 'backyard' for my wisteria. We brought starts of the white and the purple from our house. This was the spring of 2005. It has been a very slow process. Thought we had lost them all, me being more upset about the white. Knew I could get more of the purple from my mother.

Well, the white survived and 5 years later I have a few blooms, but I think I can finally say the vine itself is going to make it. On the opposite end we replanted purple. The plan is to have the purple and the white mingled together. Although I have now heard one is dominate. If so, again I hope it is the white. I have a good start of the purple in another location. At our previous house we had both, planted 100 ft from each other. Does anybody know about this with wisteria?

These photos are all tell another story.

This past Saturday afternoon I sat in the photographer's blind to get some photos of the Tree Swallow. First, I should have been there in the morning(lighting reasons). Second, I should have been braver, hence closer.

But the real funny part of this is, the last photograph is still not cropped. After coming out of the blind I kept walking toward the birdhouse snapping away. I walked almost all the way around the birdhouse. This was the last photograph I took. I turned my head and the Tree Swallow flew away at that time.
The grandchildren have swings attached right behind the birdhouse. On Sunday they were out there swinging and the birds flew as if to attack as long as an adult was with them. The adult could walk just a short distance away and at least one of the birds went in the house. After that all was ok. They just want to protect their little ones.
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

a stroll through my yard this morning

The morning started out a little on the cool side, but it is a gorgeous day in East Tennessee. I got out with my camera and took a stroll, came back with over 100 photos, some of which I am sharing here. More than I usually put in one post. Daffodils
Purple Leaf Sand Cherry Tree
Next came my old fashioned bleeding hearts. It always amazes me that this delicate looking plant comes out before frost is all gone, and does not seem to be affected by the cold. Mid summer everybody thinks it is dying, it just can not take the heat, but it comes back early spring.I promise to share more photos from this little delicate plant.

more Daffodils
Wildflower - Little Brown Jug....looking good
The white dogwoods are just beginning to show a little bit.
Redbud that Jimmy had trimmed way back because it was shading too many of my flowers.
Common Columbine

more Daffodils

Flowering Almond, already fading. I have 4 of these in my yard.
(Acquired from my Mother)

This Wisteria will be blooming all over itself in the next day or two. This Wisteria is about waist high, tiny as far as Wisteria go, but it is going to be covered. I have other Wisteria, including white, but they are not as far along as this one.
And finally to the fruit trees. Hope I get pears off this one this year. Year before last I had pears, but not last year. Time will tell.

hopefully the bee is helping my chances at fruit on my many different fruit trees

I hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend. We are getting together with our children and grandchildren tomorrow afternoon. The grandchildren get to try out the new swings their Papa has hung for them.
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