Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Events

Well, so much has happened this month is seems I should have kept a journal so I could even remember it all.

We left Florida coming home on the first. Hated to leave beautiful Florida but work calls us back.

On the first Friday we closed on our 'new' home. I think I have confused some people about this, so I will take this opportunity to explain the situation. If not interested, it is not required reading. No test later. It is only our home away from home. Jimmy works 92 miles from home, so we needed a place for him to live the next 5 or 6 years until retirement age. His company does not plan on keeping him on expense forever. They would have bought our house and moved us, but we did not want to give up our home we just custom built 2 years ago. At the time we built we didn't know job would be moving. He will only spend the night Monday-Thursday (as he has now been doing for a year). He will be at home during the weekends. I will live at home, except on the occassion I go and spend a night or two during the week. We still don't have it ready to live in. We bought it with no water lines, water heater, heat, gas lines, gutters, and not much of a roof. The only think usable in the kitchen are the cabinets (have to be refinished), but the counter tops and floor will be totally replaced. The dishwasher was even missing. Jimmy's employer has been great they said no rush. He can still stay in the motel until it is livable. We did find out the gas heat unit had been supplied by propane (tank gone), and the water must have been well (although no signs of one anywhere on the property). So we are having public pipelines installed for natural gas and public water. The roofers have still not shown up, hopefully soon. Been working on the outside trim wood, some has to be replaced, then all has to be painted before gutters. Gutters will be after the roof is completed. Best part of the house is the main bathroom. It is tile, and I have not found a cracked tile yet. It is early 60's tile, but these colors are back in, pink and brown. The whole thing sounds terrible, but the house really is a solid built, full brick house. Jimmy is the greatest handy man, so he is doing a lot of the work. Click here for the post with photos. 1.68 acres of land, trees with that heavy mast crop this year of acorns, hickory nuts, walnuts, buckeyes, and probably some more we don't even know about yet. Lots of birds just hanging around for me and my camera. Already seen a woodpecker, can't wait to get some feeders out and see what comes out of those woods.

I had a birthday this month, no biggie. Did some Christmas shopping that day.

Thanksgiving day Jimmy was at the home away from home working, as it was a beautiful day in this part of the world.

Thanksgiving at our house was on Friday instead of Thursday. The children, spouses and grandchild came for the day. Had a great time with them, as we always enjoy them coming. They brought a Wii game and we all had fun playing tennis, boxing and bowling.

The photo of the squirrel at the top was taken late last month at Lake Seminole Park in Seminole, Florida.


fishing guy said...

Leedra: Best wishes and I hope all works out well.

Shellmo said...

It is hard work to maintain 2 homes! I hope everything goes well. I've been paying more attn: to our log cabin up north then our home downstate.

Denise said...

Personally I think it's great that you have two homes, even though there is a lot of work ahead on the second one. I think the key is that your husband is very clever at handiwork - lucky you and that's great. A lot of work ahead of you but what a wonderful sense of achievement you'll have at the end of all your hard work. I've enjoyed all the pictures. It's been fun to read this post and I'm excited for you.

Darla said...

November was a busy month indeed. Happy Belated Birthday, no got to see it, so that's a biggie. I get a no biggie this month.

Dorothy said...

I enjoyed reading ALL this post and looking at the pictures of your house. It looks great and I know you are anxious to get it finished! Good luck with the work.
No telling what kind of birds you will find there;-)

Jen said...

Birthday? :P
Oh well, Happy Belated One To You!!

Sounds like Jimmy has his work cut out for him and that 2009 will be a busy one for you all!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Interesting, Leedra.. I'm trying to catch up on blogs--and I enjoyed this one. I knew some of what you are going through --but I now know MORE. I think you are doing the right thing--holding onto the home you custom built. Sounds like a great retirement home for sure. Once you fix the new house up and live in it as needed, you can sell it after those 6 yrs. OR-keep it as your mountain 'cabn.' ha ha