Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Events

The first week of March I was still trying to catch up with the blogs I missed while I was gone, and getting new post going for my own blog. It just almost was too much. I did finally get caught up, and then I started going back to Rockwood part time. For new comers to my blog, Rockwood is where my husband is during the week. It is 85 miles from home, and is 54 miles from my work, so I only try to go a couple of times during the work week. The plant Jimmy works at is 92 miles from home, that is the reason we bought the house in Rockwood. Hopefully, he will be retiring in 5 years.

I kind of think of Rockwood as my Lynne's Hasty Brook, the property that she has a camper on. There is no internet service at the house in Rockwood, which means before I go to Rockwood for a couple of days I have to prepare my blog post. But there are birds there, more than at my home. The house is coming along, not quite camping like Lynne does at Hasty Brook, but it was not livable when we first bought it. Jimmy could live with the bare basics, and he moved in 2 months after we bought it. I am trying to make it our 2nd home for the duration. The birds are more plentiful there than at home, that is probably because of all the mature trees on the property. I don't have a lot to do there (and I can't get on the computer) so I don't feel guilty when I just set up the photographer's blind and sit until the birds decide to pay me a visit. The first Saturday I sat in it off and on all day. In between times in the blind I knitted on the baby blanket for the grandbaby we are waiting on.
This month in my backyard at Rockwood I saw

Brown Headed Nuthatch

Northern Cardinal

Eastern Bluebird

Purple Finch (new lifer for me)

White Throated Sparrow (new lifer for me)

Downy Woodpecker

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

Red Bellied Woodpecker


Carolina Chickadee


Flycatcher (not id'd yet, may be a new lifer)

American Goldfinch

American Robin

Mourning Dove

Pine Siskin

Cedar Waxwing (only one day)

Jimmy has described another bird, but I have not seen it yet. Can't even figure out what it is by his description, so I will be on the lookout for it this week. Birding is so much fun!

Wendy is to the point of "are you sure he is not due until early May?" I remember those last weeks of pregnancy and thinking that every morning when I got up. Wendy's baby shower was the 2nd weekend in the month, so she has gotten her nursery ready this month. You can see her nursery on her post, here. I finished her 2nd baby blanket Sunday evening.
Early in the month I messed up my website REALLY bad. So since I had already made a mess of i Wendy suggested I convert my part to the same software she had used for Heirloom Goods. The picture is Wendy trying to straighten out all that mess for me. She has her husband on the phone. We didn't succeed, we had to wait for Lukas to get home from work. He is the software genious in the family. He did wonders with my Vista computer and this software. I have been working every since trying to get my web site back in order, it is going much better now, but I have lots of nature photographs to load to it.


Lynne said...

I understand about the catching up. My laptop was down for just 2 days and I had 100+ blog posts to catch up on!
I'm glad you get to Rockwood. That's a really impressive list.
Wendy sure looks happy. I love that happy glow on expectant moms.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Friend, You have really seen some great birds at Rockwood. I'm sure we have more up here too.. Guess I need to make myself either sit outside longer --or get one of those blinds.. I'm just not very patient.

I checked out Wendy's blog page and enjoyed seeing the nursery --and the 'belly' shots... I know she is READY for that baby to come... AND I know you are ready to see him!!!!!

Have you ever been up on Roosevelt Mtn??? When you are in Rockwood, you need to drive up there sometime. You get to it by going up Highway 70 toward Crab Orchard.. There's a little road which you turn off to the right.. It goes up the mountain and you get to the top where there are alot of cell-towers, etc. there. BUT--there's also some picnic tables. You get a good view of Watts Bar. Don't know what kind of birds are up there though.


Susie said...

Thanks for letting us know about Rockwood as I was a little confused about that. Of course, it doesn't take much to confuse me! hehe!!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Computers-sometimes I don't know if I like them or hate them.Hope you will have everything figured out soon.This can be so frustrating.Glad you have some time at Rockwood to just sit and watch the birds.Sounds like fun.

Leedra said...

Betsdy - I actually have been there. I had been to Cumberland Mtn State Park, instead of coming back Hwy 68 as I had been, I came back by there and Ozone Falls. It was the first time I went to Ozone, not the ice day. I took some photos up there, but right now I don't remember how they turned out. So many towers up there. It made me understand why the technicians are not crazy about going up to the cell towers on stormy nights when we call them out because something has happened at a tower. Wouldn't really want to travel that road at night, and it is good compared to most roads the towers on.

Shellmo said...

It's hard to catch up - I understand completely! Even when we go to the cabin for the weekend and the dial up makes me want to pull my hair out - it just seems like I get impossibly behind.

Pam said...

Seems you have been really busy catching up and I am glad you are seeing a lot more birds in Rockwood, so you can post them on the blog. I especially like seeing the different birds that you are capturing. Keep them coming.

ivars krafts said...

Best wishes on your second home and may it be "finished" sooner than you hope!