Monday, January 26, 2009

Mason is 1 year old today

Our grandson, Mason, is one year old today. This first photo was taken within the first minute after he was born. He was born with the cord around his neck, and his first breaths were hard. Because of this they did whisk him away to be observed very closely. He was never put on oxygen as they warned us he would be an hour later when we saw him. An hour later we were all able to go in and see him, then we went home to get some sleep, and let Lindsey get some sleep. About twelve hours later we went back to see him, and I was with Lindsey when they handed him to her to hold for the first time. Jimmy and I then left on vacation for 2 weeks. Mason was not due until February, so we thought we had time to go on vacation and return before he was born. That is not the way Mason had it planned. The photo below is 2 weeks later when I got to hold him for the first time. Jimmy was waiting on his turn.
The next photo is Lindsey, John and Mason in June when we all went to St Pete Beach.
First time Mason had his feet in the sand. August, right after I fed him sweet potatoes, he is sitting in John's highchair.
We all seem to like this picture for some reason.
Mason showing off the hint of his first tooth. Love that fuzzy head.
Mason loves being pulled around in his John Deere wagon, especially when Papa gets him close to Granny's flowers so he can pick them.
This last photograph was taken in Georgia when we went there for my family Christmas celebration. Since this one was taken he has had his first haircut.
We will be celebrating his birthday with a big family get together this Saturday.
Happy Birthday Mason!!!!
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Darla said...

thank you for sharing your Mason's first year with us. He is too cute and you and Jimmy look like you are in love with him!!

Lynne said...

I can see the love you have for Mason too.
Happy Birthday big boy!

troutbirder said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Richard said...

Happy Birthday Mason!! Love the big eyes in the last one. I think we all have pictures of the young ones with food all over their faces.

Be sure to give him a big piece of chocolate cake and get the camera ready...:-)

Shellmo said...

Mason has gorgeous baby blue eyes! Happy Birthday Mason!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Leedra, He's so adorable. Love that picture of you and Jimmy with him. Are you called Granny and Papa???? I am Grammy to my grands.

How's your daughter doing?? When's her baby due???? OH--Isn't it wonderful to be a Grandmother????

Happy Birthday to Mason!

Diane said...

What a wonderful day for celebration! ! ! Blessings to everyone in this sweet family! Hugs.

Sara G said...

What a handsome little man!
Happy First Birthday Mason!!!

Dorothy said...

What a darling little boy! Happy Birthday, Mason!!!
We will be leaving for Indiana on Wednesday for the birth of our grandson! We are very excited as it is her first one. She had a miscarriage a few months before this pregnacy.

George said...

Happy Birthday, Mason.
Leedra, thanks for sharing Mason's first year with us. The sweet potato picture is adorable -- no wonder everyone likes it.

Tina said...

A wonderful series of photos to celebrate Mason's first year. Happy Birthday, big guy. The sweet potato pic is too cute..did he get any in his mouth? ha ha

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Happy Birthday Mason.Leedra,you have a handsome little boy there.He looks like a lot of fun,enjoy him.

Carletta said...

He is a handsome little guy with those beautiful eyes!

Jan said...

Great photo essay. Aren't grandchildren wonderful.

lisaschaos said...

Happy Birthday Mason! You are such a beautiful loved boy!

Rose said...

Oh, my, he is precious. I like the one after you had fed him sweet potatoes and I love the one right below it.

Bird Girl said...

What a doll baby Mason is!!! I made the pictures big and fell in love! Beautiful baby eyes!

ivars krafts said...

You are blessed with a wonderful, beautiful family!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday Mason. Sorry I am a little late wishing your beautiful grandson birthday wishes. He is adorable!!!

Jen said...

Precious boy! Have a good time at the Bday party. I imagine he will have lots of gifts to open