Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flycatcher at Spring City Park

He just looks so pensive.
This photo was taken October 2 at Spring City Park in Spring City, Tennessee.
Since we ended out buying a house in Rockwood instead of Spring City I am not sure how often I will actually visit the parks in Spring City. Spring City is 10 miles in the wrong direction for me. I was going while we were staying in the motel in Spring City. What else to do while Jimmy was at work? The backyard in Rockwood appears to be so packed with birds I think it will keep my camera busy for a while. Later I might venture back there on occasion.
I am beginning to get my husband hooked on the photography too. Along the highway between Spring City and Rockwood on occassion there are Red Tailed Hawks on the phone lines. I have yet to capture one with the camera. Jimmy has my point and shoot with him this week to use at work. He was headed home yesterday afternoon and there was one of the hawks. He stopped and started to get out of the car and the Hawk flew to the other side of the road. Jimmy went down the road and turned around and stopped again, once again he started to get out of the car and the Hawk flew again. I asked him if he tried to get the shot without getting out of the car. He had not. If he sees it again this afternoon I bet he will be trying without opening the door. Hopefully he will get it. If he does I will post it.
I also have him filling my bird feeders at the Rockwood house because I want to keep the birds there so I can photograph them. Friday before he came home for the weekend he filled them to the top. Monday the feeders were empty. The same amount had been lasting 2 weeks, not just 3 days. He told me he could not afford to give them that much, which the 2 feeders do hold quite a bit. He said he would fill tomorrow. I gave him enough to fill twice this week, but they will never last for the 3 weeks we will be gone on vacation. I have to keep reminding myself these birds were there long before I started feeding them a month ago. I am going to have to stop trying to feed the whole county. But it is so much fun to see them all in the yard.
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Darla said...

You are making bird nuts out of all of us!!

George said...

I agree with Darla, you're making bird enthusiasts of all of us.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Now we both have our hubbies watching the birds with us!!! Neat huh, Leedra!!!!

I'll bet that a night predator is getting into the bird food.. I know the birds eat alot--but if the feeders are totally empty---well, that sounds like a deer or raccoon or squirrel, etc...

I take my feeders (except for the ones hanging off of the house (which nothing can reach) inside at nights --because when I leave any of them out, they are empty the next day. I know you can't do that in Rockwood--so I don't have any answers for you... But--I'm sure those birds will be back whenever you get back there.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh the birding and photography bugs,I know from experience that once you catch them there is no turning back.Ha!Ha!