Friday, October 31, 2008

October Events --- Happy Halloween

The funny part, is I took this photograph in August, in Spring City, Tennessee. I also got caught at it by the home owner. Oh, well!

I started October the same way I ended September, with the computer blues. It has gotten better. I was tagged this month, and I reluctantly played this game. I was ganged up on by 3 of my blogging buddies. I have to admit, once I finally found the time to sit down and prepare everything I did enjoy it. But I still did not pass it along. If you want to play you can retrieve it from here and play. I was suppose to pass it to 7 people, so don't be bashful.

At the beginning of the month, not only were gas prices still sky high, but there was fear of not being able to get gas. So the first week I only went to Spring City to be with Jimmy one night. Spring City is twice as far from work as my home is, and is in the opposite direction. The rest of the month I went 2 nights each week. Gas prices did go down, but so did the stock market.

Was able to go to Duck, Duck, Goose with my daughter in anticipation of the baby to be. Didn't think I could let the Monthly events go by without mentioning we have our 2nd grandchild on the way did you?

October isn't October in East Tennessee unless you make it the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to see the colors. I went the first Monday morning, was a little disappointed, but not to be put off. I went the next Monday and Tuesday. You have been seeing those photographs throughout October. I even went one more time the last week before we left on vacation. I have not even begun to go through those photographs. Know all the colors will be gone by the time I return.

We left to St Pete on Friday, October 24. Before we got out of Spring City our realtor called to tell us the offer we had made on a house had been accepted. We ended out leaving later than we had planned due to faxing back and forth. We stopped in Atlanta to get Mama. Hope you have been enjoying my beach photographs taken in June. Decided I better go through those, in hopes of coming home with lots more of the birds at the beach and Lake Seminole Park. And I have, so far 2 different Osprey, Black and White Warbler, Broad Winged Hawk (I think), White Ibis, several different Herons and Egrets, Cormorant and Anhinga, male and female Red Bellied Woodpecker. Keep looking for the Spoonbill, but so far have not seen any.

Whoops, forgot Mason. How could I forget Mason? He is special, we love spending time with him. They say all grandchildren are special for different reasons, he is because he came first. The next one will be because he/she will be 2nd. And so on!


Shellmo said...

congrats on your upcoming 2nd trick or treater!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Halloween, Leedra. Glad you got your house. Sounds like you had another great vacation. I'm looking forward to all of your pictures.

Jen said...

Love the witch picture! :D
Happy Halloween to you, have a great week.

Gardener's Garden said...

You're witch is a wonderful Halloween contribution and I love the text but you are sooooo busy that you make my head spin. Your new house sounds exciting and so does the grandchild. Thanks so much for sharing all the good stuff with us.