Thursday, July 31, 2008

July Events

I started out the month by taking a trip to North Carolina on July 4th. The trip was planned to go to Perry's Water Gardens to photograph the water lilies. We also visited the waterfalls between Franklin, NC and Highland, NC. Went onto Cashiers, and found a neat little park there. We just went for the day.
On the 5th we had a July 4th family get together, and I had a blast photographing the great nieces in the swimming pool.
On the 11th I started a roll to the point I was not sure what new thing I would see next when I walked out my back door. It started with my first EVER Monarch, and it was in my own front yard. Then the very next day I got to enjoy an American Painted Lady in the same spot. Then I saw an Indigo Bunting, don't see these often in East Tennessee, got a few photos, but not great ones. The same afternoon a Bald Eagle flew over. No camera in my hand. He was traveling like he was on a mission, so no time to grab the camera. He was so intend of his travels that we all discussed the possibility of him having been in the release programs and was headed back where he had been in captivity. (Don't even know if that is a possibility.) The next 2 days I saw a bird I had a hard time identifing. Luckily I had camera in hand both days. I knew he was some type of Flycatcher, with the help of my visiting bloggers it has been determined it is an Eastern Kingbird. Then the next day mixed in with the Orange Sulphurs was another Sulphur I had never seen before, and the following day the Barn Swallows showed up in my yard for the first time.The butterflies are out doing themselves this year, and the zinnia are just getting started.
On the 10th I met with Ashlei for pre-wedding day photos of her in her wedding gown. And then Brad & Ashlei's wedding was the 19th. The week following the wedding I spent a lot of hours in front of the computer viewing photos, and making a proof book for Brad & Ashlei, but I got it done before they got home from their honeymoon. I sure was glad too, because I was having withdrawals from not getting out to photograph all God's nature around me.
On the 26th we took a short trip (92 miles one way) to Spring City, where my husband's job is moving to beginning August 11th. We still are not sure what this will mean to us about our housing and church situation. While in Spring City we visited a small park adjacent to Watts Bar Lake, enjoyed and photographed the wildlife there, so we did get some enjoyment out of the trip.
The blackberry photos are because it has been a blackberry month. The bottom photo was right before I picked and ate the blackberries.
Naturally, all month we have spent time with our grandson, who is now 6 months old. He has his 1st cold right now, but it hasn't been too bad. He has 1week old twin 1st cousins (on his mother's side) that also contacted this same cold. Grayson (the girl) has been admitted to the hospital. Please pray for this family.

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