Thursday, October 22, 2009

My knitting projects

Thought I would show some of what I have been doing while I have not been blogging. This first is called a shawlette, it is smaller than a shawl. Made out of 100% Merino Wool, so soft. Next my first attempt at hand knit socks. The pattern is boot, or ski socks. I will use them as house socks. I had to make socks before I could register for the Christmas Stocking class. I did enjoy making them, made both in 4 days.
This scarf is for my mother for Christmas (she doesn't blog, so she won't see it).
Another scarf, this one is so very, very easy and fast to knit.
Market bag, just throw this one in your purse and pull it out at the register instead of getting their plastic.
A baby jacket
another baby jacket
and yet another baby jacket. The 3rd photo comparing the size of the orange and white baby jacket to the brown one. Not much difference.

In an earlier post I showed the orange and white baby jacket and Mason in his wallaby sweater. Below is Noah in his wallaby sweater, with his proud Mom (Wendy).
You can click here and see Noah with 2 blankets I knit him before he was born. Wendy's post is nice and he is so cute (can you tell I am the Granny?!?)
I actually have more but that is all I have photos of for today's post. Yesterday I went to Newfound Gap to see the colors, very disappointing. At Newfound Gap the leaves were all gone, think that snow took them right off the trees. At the bottom of the mountains the colors are just getting started good so will have to go back again, just not to the top.

I hope everybody is doing good, and I will try to get around to visiting all of you.

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Susie said...

Boy Leedra you have been busy. Those knit articles are just adorable. Love those baby jackets.

That little Noah is a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

I've missed you Leedra but you sure have created some treasured heirlooms. It would be hard to choose a favorite, but the scarf for your Mom is stunning. I love seeing Wendy wih Noah - your heart must be overflowing! Enjoy your weekend.

Darla said...

I have so been thinking of you!! Hope all is well, and I want to buy some scarves from me with the prices!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE..

Jan said...

Wow, these are all great. You have been very busy.

George said...

You certainly have been busy away from the computer, but everything looks wonderful.
We've been disappointed with the color around here as well. I mowed more leaves than grass today, but the wind was blowing and there are about as many down now as when I started. Such fun!

Dawn said...

Goodness Leedra, you have been busy! Since you have done socks, have you tried mittens? They are so fun with the 4 needle knitting and I know you'll be good at it, all you work is wonderful!

Leedra said...

Dawn - I have started "fingerless gloves", I wear these while photographing in cold weather. I am excited about making some for myself.

Darla - sending information about my Etsy site.

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Awww her name is Wendy!!!
Hey I have made that sweater! I love the pattern.
Cool socks! love the way the pattern turned out.

SaraG said...

Wow, that is some great knitting!!
Beautiful projects you have been busy with!! Love all the color!

Rose said...

You have been busy! I don't knit or crochet, however one of my buddies does a lot of both!

Connie said...

What beautiful projects and colors. You got a lot done and a lot of people will be thrilled with their gifts.

Our fall colors were unbelievable this year - totally awesome. Maybe even rare.

Shelley said...

Noah is a doll! He has such beautiful eyes too! Also love all your knitting projects - so much time and talent! Wish I knew how to do this!!

Pam said...

You are a talented knitter. That must keep you very busy. Noah is adorable.

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Here is the information on the read-a-thon
They do it twice a year - April and Oct. you have to sign up, there are lots of prizes!

Mary C said...

Leedra, your knitting projects are amazing. It's been years since I've knitted (or even crocheted) anything. You and Ruthie J (Nature Knitter) are so inspiring. I look forward to getting back to doing needlecraft one of these days. If I don't get back to it before I retire, I will certainly get busy with the yarn by the time I do retire (which is about 2-3 years from now). Love those socks!!

lisaschaos said...

You've been very busy! I would love to learn how to knit socks, I entertain the thought every winter. Love the scarf you made for your mom and those baby jackets are adorable!

Bird Girl said...

OH my Leedra! You are so good at that - I can only knit dish cloths and even that is challenging! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that scarf you made for your mother. That is just awesome! And the baby jackets - wow!

NCmountainwoman said...

I just loved all the knit pieces. I have never tried socks and perhaps I should. I do love socks and it's always nice to have shorter projects to work on.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Friend, I have been slowly trying to catch up after being on three trips in TWO weeks. I had a wonderful time with friends in Maggie Valley--but it's great to be home.

You are getting to be a professional when it comes to your knitting. The scarves are fabulous --and I love those warm socks. The little jacket sweaters are precious also. I am so proud of you.

Miss you --but sounds like you are staying very busy.

Pam said...

You've been busy. Noah looks so cute in his sweater.

Mary said...

You've been very busy! I love all the scarves and shawlet. Noah looks so cute.