Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New butterfly to the yard

I thought this butterfly was a Fritillary although it is much
smaller than most Fritillaries in my yard. I started my search in the Fritillary section of my reference book.
I changed to the Pearly Crescentspot,
then started looking at all the Crescentspots in my book.
After I have a species in mind I usually check it on to see if I think I am right.
I couldn't find any "Crescentspot" at all. So then I found a Pearl Crescent
I checked here and think I have it right.
Maybe they have updated the name to Pearl Crescent.

I have had several different butterflies, but have not had alot of any species of butterflies. I keep hearing others say they think the butterfly population is down. I looked back at my post last year to see the dates and I think we are just getting into the butterfly season in East Tennessee, if it follows last year. I also remember last summer the Cabbage White Butterflies were the first ones I saw. I have really started seeing the Cabbage Whites real good in the last week, posted some photos on Monday. I went to UT Gardens at the University of Tennessee on Tuesday and only saw the Cabbage Whites there. I went just to photograph the beautiful gardens, as if I didn't have enough photos waiting for me to go through.
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Dorothy said...

Good Morning, Leedra! We are just beginning to see butterflies here. I hope to have fun chasing them again this summer.

Darla said...

We saw several of these yesterday. Actually we are seeing more butterflies already this year than last. The girls were in awe of how many were in the garden yesterday along with a ton of bees!

Susie said...

Pretty butterfly Leedra. I'm still not seeing many in my yard but then my flowers aren't blooming so good. Maybe that's why!?!?!?

Craig Glenn said...

Great shots Leedra, no idea what he is but certainly is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leedra,
Nice shots of that Pearl
Crescent. I like the fact
that you capture both upper
and under sides of the wings.
It makes ID's much easier.
Here in MN we have the pearl
and the Northern Crescent;
sometimes they can be very
similar. May I ask what book
you are using that says crescent-
spot? I've heard of the closely
related checkerspot, but not
of crescentspots. Good work.
If you don't already have them,
I recommend Butterflies of North
America by Kenn Kaufman & Jim
Brock and Butterflies through
Binoculars-The East by Jeffrey
Glassberg. Two nice guides to
help with ID's.

Hap in New Hope(MN)

George said...

Great pictures, Leedra. We're just now starting to see a fair number of butterflies around our house.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks for htese pictures.I think we have this butterfly around here too,now I know it's name.

Pam said...

Great shots. Can't wait until we start seeing all kinds of butterflies. They are just amazing.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Leedra, I almost missed this post. It's been a busy day --but what day isn't????? ha

I am amazed that you can tell the difference in all of those butterflies. I'm sure it's alot of work---but how rewarding when you do find out its name.

Have a great day tomorrow.

Eve said...

We had Northern and Pearl Cresents up north but could only ever find a Northern. I've seen one Pearl so far! Butterfly-ing is fun Leedra!!!