Monday, July 13, 2009

Trouble with the daylily identifications

When a person gets as many daylilies as I have sometimes it becomes very difficult to decide which one I am even looking at. Some I have I can id when somebody else shows me a photo, even from a garden I have never been in. I did that recently with Open Hearth Daylily. But then I look at my own pale yellows and I can't figure out if they are So Lovely, Good Impressions, or Demetrius, or that yellow one that Carlos gave me in 2005, that I never saw in bloom before transplanting it a 2nd time, and I don't even remember the name. Then there is the pale yellow I dug a start from the rental house while we were building this house.
I have never understood why some people plant Stella De Oro Daylilies all the way across the front of their houses, sorry if I have stepped on any toes here, but I just don't understand with such variety why a person would want all of one kind. But when I go outside and look at some of mine and cannot begin to say which one that one is I think I finally understand it. Maybe. What I am getting to....I don't know the name of this yellow one.
I also can't tell which are which when looking at Lady Georgia or Ruffled Apricot. Then there is Decatur Apricot, but it doesn't look like Ruffled Apricot, but it sure looks like Aisha.
Then there is Addie Branch Smith Daylilies.
Aren't they beautiful?
But are they really Addie Branch Smith?

Or are they Always Afternoon?
That is why beginning with the 2006 daylilies I draw it out as we plant. The daylilies I got before 2006 have been transplanted twice without even knowing what I was putting where, so sometimes you guess is as good as mine.
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Sara G said...

Beautiful lilies no matter the name!!
Love all the different colors they come in!
Take care

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It is certainly good to know the names of all your flowers,BUT,I have a hard enough time trying to remember people's names,so the flowers go unnamed.LOL
I still enjoy their beauty just the same and your are very pretty.

Mary said...

I always figure that "daylily" is suffecient and don't know the name of any of mine....most were given to me or dug up somewhere. Lovely by any name....maybe we should just make up our own names :-)

Susie said...

Leedra I'm sorry but I'm no help with the names of the daylilies. Drawing out the plan would probably be a good idea. These are beautiful as usual.

Denise said...

All I know is your Daylilies are spectacular, your photos too. I really do have to plant some of those. Just love them. Have a great week Leedra.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's just best to enjoy the beautiful colors and not worry about the names!!! The more I get the harder it is to keep up, even with a plan! Your photos are so nice as usual. Love them all.

troutbirder said...

I tried putting ID tags on plants but the ones that held up were so expensive. The others just quickly faded away. Now I do my garden tours with profound statements like "here's a cute little variegated one."

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful daylilies, Leedra. Those dusty pinkish ones look like ones that we have --called Prairie Blue Eyes. Guess each 'grower' names theirs ---so I guess it doesn't matter what the names are.

George keeps a database also --but gets confused with the names just like you do.

Like you, we just love the variety.

Great photos of yours.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Me Again... I said it wrong...Our similar daylily is named Daring Deception. Prairie Blue Eyes is more purple.

Bird Girl said...

Oh...the confusing world of daylily names!!! I sure think they are all gorgeous but I wouldn't want to have to keep track of their names if I had as many as you, Leedra ;-)

Leedra said...

Betsy - I also have Prairie Blue Eyes. I bought it at an antique store on Kingston Pike. It is one of the ones I can spot and know what it is.

George said...

I can sympathize. I have to map our plantings and even then it gets confusing.

Darla said...

Sometimes mass plantings are pretty and are the result of divisions. Your daylilies are pretty and I sure haven't a clue the name of all 3 varieties that I have, LOL>

Bradley Myers said...

Hello Leedra, I am trying to catch up since returning from vacation. Beautiful flowers, I wish our lot was bigger for more flower beds. I hope your summer is going well, Brad.

Willard said...

I don't know their names, but I really enjoy looking at them. I should do more flower photography because they are one of my favorite subjects to look at.

Mary C said...

Leedra, you will probably notice that I didn't have any names for the ones I posted. And I have such a small number of them compared to what you have. As others have said, and you have too, it's hard to remember the names of flowers. Heck, I even get confused with the names of our trio of rose bushes out in our front yard.

lisaschaos said...

Oh heck you know more about lilies than I do - they all look the same to me - just different colors. :)

Pam said...

These are beautiful. I like the different color daylilies. I agree that after you have several different kinds it is hard to determine which are which, but it doesn't matter they are all still gorgeous.