Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There are orange daylilies, then there are orange daylilies

There are orange daylilies and then there are orange daylilies. When you look closely at the common roadside orange it actually very beautiful. Just don't want it in the flowerbeds with your other daylilies. The common daylilies spread by shooting off underground and a new plant appears "over there". With the others the plant just keeps getting bigger around. They stay where you put them. Common Roadside Orange

Common Orange Double

I call this a Common Orange Double because I have never seen it in any daylily catalogs, and it does appear to be fairly common. Especially among my friends, since I have given them starts of it. It does not multiple like the common roadside daylily, but like all the others.
Mauna Loa

Orange Velvet


Orange Vols

So you see even in orange the daylilies don't look anything alike.
Then I just had to throw in another photo of the Open Hearth daylily,
it sort of goes with these.

Open Hearth

I bought 15 new varieties at the festival last Friday.

Won't be seeing those blooms until next year,

but I still have more post of this years blooms.

So if you like daylilies, be watching.

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Susie said...

Fifteen new varieties?!?! Wow, you are going to be busy Leedra. Love these oranges. That Mauna Loa is especially beautiful.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I will be watching.I am enjoying all your flowers.

Darla said...

Good Gravy Leedra!! You have a lot of planting to do. I have double orange one too.

Shellmo said...

I love the daylilies! The common orange double is my favorite. I'm thinking I need to add more "orange" to the flowers at the cabin. Mostly I have red and purple.

Richard said...

Never seen a double one before. I may have to add them to the neighborhood if I can figure out where to plant them.

Dorothy said...

All are very beautiful, but my favorite in the Orange Velvet.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I'm cazy about orange flowers- yours are gorgeous.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I'm so glad you had a great time at the Daylily Festival... Fifteen new ones, huh???? Wow---that is so neat!!!!

We have many of the same ones that you shown here... Maybe I can find out some of the names of ours through you.. We definitely have Eye-Yi-Yi... Love that name, don't you?????

Can't wait to see more!!!
Love you,

lisaschaos said...

You have a million lilies! :) Beautiful oranges!

George said...

Fifteen new varieties! I can hardly wait to see the pictures next year. I don't envy the amount of planting you need to do, however.

The Early Birder said...

Beautiful blooms Leedra. Keep posting & I'll keep looking.

Tina said...

So many shades and tints of orange, yellow and reds and you've captured them all so nicely! Your gardens must be breath taking..I certainly enjoy all your pictures you share!

ivars krafts said...

Beautiful photos, Leedra!

Pam said...

I really like the orange daylilies. They just stand out and are so beautiful. I really like the Mauna Loa and the Orange Vol. These really look good in the yard. I will be looking for more of your daylily pictures.

Carletta said...

I wondered about the difference. Along th road they look so lovely. I understand now how they are all up and down the road.
I have daylilies in my yard but do not know the names. I think I'll compare to your pics.
Gosh, your yard must be absolutely gorgeous!

troutbirder said...

Yup. I goofed and brought the originals into my garden some years ago.

Mary C said...

Leedra, I also love orange daylilies. I have several in my yard and will have to post some of my favorites soon. A couple of mine look like yours, but I can't say the quality of my photos are as good. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your daylilies.

T said...

Common or not the double Orange is beautiful!