Friday, July 16, 2010

My grandbabies

It has been a while since I have shown any photographs of my grandbabies. They are what I photograph the most anymore, so I am not sure why not. These are the most recent ones, all taken in the last 7 days.
This is Noah, he is now 14 months old. I took this one through a longer section of the toy block he has in his hand. He thought his Granny was crazy.

Next is Mason, with his mother, my daugther-in-law, Lindsey. He loves to climb on top of his play car. He is sitting on top of it and Lindsey just stopped long enough for me to snap this. Think it turned out nicely. Mason is now 2 1/2 years.

Next is Audrey, she is 5 1/2 months now. We were checking out a hat I knit her a couple of weeks after she was born. It won't fit her much longer, but it still fits ok right now.

I had to include a second one of Audrey to show this cute little 'sun top' I knit her this week. We were trying it on yesterday just to see if my design work turned out ok.

I spent some time with Mason and Audrey on Thursday. Now I am headed to spend some time with Noah. Got to get those weekly visits.
Seven and half years ago Jimmy and I both went to evening shift work. If you have followed my blog for very long you know that 2 1/2 years ago Jimmy's company shut their plant in Knoxville and he was moved to Spring City to work. I have continued to work evening shift even after Jimmy moved to his new location. Last week my work announced that the evening shift work is going to Charlotte, NC. I will be going on days and won't be able to have these weekday daytime visits with my grandbabies when that happens. Still not sure what I will be doing, but I will still be located in the same building I am in now. And it will be a definite change for me. Jimmy is still out of town, and expects to be there until retirement, at least 3 more years. I hope to retire before that time and go with him during the weeks. Weekend marriages are not the greatest, but we sure do enjoy the time we get to spend together.
Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.
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Anonymous said...

Good Morning Leedra, Your grandchildren are adorable. I love Audrey's hat and top that you lovingly made her. Great photo of your DIL also. I know you are going to miss the weekday visits with the little ones. Best wishes to you on changing to day shift. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for sharing your blessings from Above.

Darla said...

Leedra, your grandbabies are just lumps of pure sugar!! Beautiful...stay strong in your faith. Your employment changes and your marriage will be just fine.

Dorothy said...

Good Morning, Leedra! What darling pictures of your grandbabies and your daughter-in-law!!! Just precious! Also beautiful hat and sun top! Those three years will pass in no time!

Connie said...

Ah Leedra. These changes can be something else! We are not the young newlyweds so our marriages hold together, but the changes are not always what our heart wants. May God hold you close.

Your SWEET grandbabies are lucky to have the beautiful pieces of clothing you make for them.

itsJUSTme said...

What adorable children!

I wanted to let you know that I will be in TN, south of Knox. from 7/28-8/4 visiting my mom, so when I get there - I will yell "Hi" real loud so you can here me! Be listening on the 28th, ok?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Leedra, So sorry to hear about your job... I know you enjoyed it -since it left your days open for whatever you chose to do... I hope you can work out something... Is there any possibility of you retiring now????

Love that little outfit you knitted for Audrey... She is a cute.... Actually all three of your grands are gorgeous...You are lucky to live near them all.

Have a good weekend.

itsJUSTme said...

No, I have never hooked up with any bloggers! Always wanted to though!
My mom lives in Vonore, I "think" she is about 1/2 hr south of Maryville.

here is my email - forevereading at gmail dot com

email me if this seems like a possibility! Maybe my mom and I could meet you for coffee!

SaraG said...

Your grandbabies are beautiful!
Thanks for sharing

George said...

You sure have beautiful grandchildren, but you already knew that, didn't you?
I was sorry to hear about the upcoming work changes. Something like that was responsible for the timing of my retirement. I know you and Jimmy will work out everything.

Dawn said...

What beautiful photos of your grandbabies! Retirement....ah, those are the days.

Elaine said...

Your grandchildren are adorable, and I know just how precious time with them is. Good luck on your job changes. Hopefully you can manage to retire soon, as time apart from your hubby is hard. Mine used to work out of town every other week for many years, and now that we are both retired I do so enjoy having him at home all the time.

dAwN said...

Adorable..Nice that you spend some quality time with them.
Sorry about the time change at work ..meaning less time with your grandkids..and also bummer that you just have a weekend marriage..hope that changes for you all sooner than expected.

Jen said...

Adorable!!! Someday I might get one or two of these. ;)
Enjoy your moments together and good luck with your new shift change.

Rose said...

Leedra, I thought I had clicked to follow you but apparently I hadn't...I am now. Sometimes, even if I have someone on my list, I don't get the updates...

Anyway, your grandbabies are sure growing and cute and beautiful...Audrey is a dollbaby!

Our grandbaby will be moving to Indianapolis, so will be about 2 hours from us...going to be hard getting used to that.