Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Snow in the oldest town in Tennessee

I went to the knitters group on Wednesday. Did you ever meet somebody and the two of just could not shut up? Yes, Shelley and Betsy and I did that when we met last year. I already felt like I knew Shelley and Betsy. Well, the lady that invited me to the knitters group (that I met and spoke to for about 5 minutes a month ago) and I hit it off that well, that fast. We both felt our knitting, etc. We have plans of getting together in addition to the knitters group. So, yes I had a great time. Will be returning.
Now to my photo op that was created by going to Dandridge right after the knitters group meeting. I was on my way to the courthouse (car tag time yet again), and this is what I see.
And the pink snow is actually falling as I pull over to take pictures.
I had to get up on the side to try to get the road traffic and the house across the street out of the background.
This was gorgeous!
The blooms are falling off as whole blooms, not just pedals.
Not sure why God didn't make snow pink.
But He really gave me a treat with this pink snow.

There actually were some blooms still on the trees.

Now to what I am doing today and the rest of the week. I am headed to Atlanta to Stitcher's South. I am taking 4 different classes, all knit related. One is needle felting on felt. Yep, already doing that, but I am sure I will pick up some 'ah ha' stuff about needle felting. I am taking 2 entrelac classes, one about entrelac design. I also design entrelac already, but again sure there is ALOT for me to learn. Friday evening I will be meeting my Mother for supper. Just not enough time while I am there to visit more family than that. Saturday as soon as class is out I will be heading to whichever house my hubby is at so I can see him some over the weekend.
I hope everybody likes God's pink snow that He sent my way.
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itsJUSTme said...

Oh my gosh! That is just gorgeous! What kind of tree is that?

Dawn said...

How beautiful! I could just stand there in awe like Dorothy, from the oz, standing in the poppy fields!

Jen said...

Your post title scared me. ;)
This is stunning! You captured it superbly!

Mildred said...

How beautiful Leedra! Love the pink! Hope you have a wonderful time; looks like the weather is going to be gorgeous for you. I'm taking a break but I'll be checking in with you.

Bird Girl said...

Oh my gosh Leedra, I'm so glad you stopped to photograph this beautiful happening! All the pictures are so amazing but I just love the ones with the petals all over the green hosta! I'm glad you got close ups of the trees, the flowers and the entire scene - God made some pink snow just for YOU ;-)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The pink snow is gorgeous.Yes,God does give us special gifts like Pink Snow.

Susie said...

I have to say that is the most beautiful snow I have ever seen Leedra.

Elaine said...

Absolutely beautiful! I think I will look out next winter at the white snow and wish it was pink.

Connie said...

Just beautiful. I totally love your photos.

Leeloo said...

WOW, is that ever pretty!!

Rose said...

These are gorgeous photos!!!

Pam said...

These are absolutely gorgeous photos of the pink snow.