Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog comments frustration

I am going on my soapbox here. I go and visit blogs and view the post, read (sometimes long) post and get ready to comment. Open up comments and the setting is embedded and then I cannot comment from the computer I am using. One of my computers does not let me comment at all on the embedded comments page (I don't know why), and the other computer I use lets me sometimes and does not sometimes.

I wish everybody would set comments to half page or full page. If you are set to embedded you are missing out on good comments alot. I have seen many post about this in the past and do not understand why blogspot's default is embedded, but it is easy to change. Go to settings, comments. Make the change and be sure to save at the bottom of the page.

I just visited a blog that I know I have visited in the past and did not have this problem, now they are set to embedded.

I know that I am not the only one that has this problem.


Sunny said...

There seems to be ongoing problems with the comments on Blogger. I have been trying to resolve several of them through their help area. There have been tons of error messages when trying to comment. I had several comments to moderate but when I clicked them to post it said there are none. Since I questioned Blogger, I notice they are now all deleted, which really ticks me off, as I love getting comments.
I have also left comments that haven't shown up.
I have no idea what the problem is but it sure if frustrating!
Sunny :)

Connie said...

Have you noticed in some of the blogs some of the words are green and underlined? what's up with that? I sometimes find it in my own blog.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Leedra, I did an entire blog post not long ago BEGGING people to change to anything but embedded. Several people did change --and had no idea how to do it, or that there were other options.

Blogger uses that embedded thing as their DEFAULT--and many new bloggers don't know how to make changes. I need to do a BEGGING blog on this problem again.

I wish more people would complain... Another thing which drives me crazy is that stupid word verification. It's okay to have it IF you really think it is needed.. BUT--so many people make me do those stupid words and then they'll STILL have to approve my comment....Do one or the other --but not both... I do NEITHER.


Darla said...

The Bleeding Hearts are just gorgeous..

Connie said...

I have written personally to those I cannot leave comments to, but some change and some do not. I, too, find it so frustrating to take the time to comment then have it disappear. Thanks for addressing this issue.

JKoenig said...

I know the frustrated feeling! I have even had the problem with my daughter's blog, but she kept insisting it was a problem with my computer and my settings. I don't know???

I have been having a lot of other problems with bloger also. It currently won't let me change my background or add new friends to my blogging list, add a followers widget. Even to download pictures to my blog I have to do it through Picassa, then I copy the HTML to a word file and then recopy them to the place in the blog where I want them to go.

I haven't had much blogging time in the last year or so, but it takes so much longer when things don't work like you would expect them to.

Rose said...

Leedra, I don't have that trouble...but I still do not like that setting. Sometimes I am days behind in visiting, and it is just so much less time consuming if the comment is set in the little pop-up window. That way I don't have to keep going back and forth to leave comments on more than one post. And can still see what I am commenting about if I start to comment and the phone rings and I get called away. I still comment on them all, but I much prefer the option I mentioned.

Pam said...

Hi Leedra, I had recently changed from pop up to embedded. Thanks for letting me know about the problems, I have switched back to the pop up window.

dAwN said...

Yeah..i agree, much prefer to comment in Pop up window..
the other works in my computer..but seems to take more time..
Go for the pop up!!