Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Streams with fall colors in the GSMNP

Jimmy and I took 2 days off to go to the mountains to see the fall colors, the previous post is the beginning of the photographs I took. The first day we went to Cades Cove, which I have not begun to go through those photographs yet. To get to Cades Cove from our house we go through Wears Valley to Townsend and onto Cades Cove. The 2nd day we also went through Wears Valley, but then we went across the Foothills Parkway to 129. 129 is known as the Tail of the Dragon, which we traveled to Deal's Gap, and onto Fontana and Cherokee. Normally we would have gone to I40 to head home, but with the landslide totally blocking I40 we cut back across the mountain through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
If we had gone our usual route we would not have seen this beautiful setting.
We saw 2 tractor trailers and a tractor without the trailer that thought they would also cut through the park to avoid going the detour route. The park rangers had them all stopped. A person cannot miss the signs about no commercial vehicles in the park, and you know a truck driver would not have missed them. Guess they thought they would just sneak through, like nobody would notice the only tractor trailers to ever be in the park in the 75 years of it's existence.
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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures, Leedra. There's just no prettier place than the Smokies!!!

Did you read the post about me waiting on George to come and pick me up at Maggie Valley on Oct. 25? The rockslide had just happened the night before and George got in a HUGE traffic jam. Took him six hours to get to me --instead of three.

Funny about the truck drivers. I know that having that interstate closed is such a problem for people who need to go that direction.

I love driving on the Tail of the Dragon and Deals Gap. We have been there --and to Fontana several times. It is a beautiful drive.

You all need to go across the Cherohala Skyway sometime too.

Mildred said...

Beautiful scenery and you captured the lovely Autumn colors perfectly Leedra. I really miss long drives through the mountains in the Autumn. I hope you had some delicious food, apples, etc. along the way.

Dorothy said...

Beautiful shots of the streams and foliage!! We saw a truck that was stopped by a ranger on 441 thru the park. We didn't know about the rock slide until we got on I 40 and was caught in all that slow traffic! The foliage on 129 has gorgeous!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful pictures.The trees have a lacy look to them and I love it.Have a great day.

Susie said...

These are beautiful pics Leedra. I can just hear the sound from that creek. Glad you got to see such beauty.

Sunny said...

What glorious Autumn pictures, they could almost be paintings.
Sunny :)

Shelley said...

Autumn is so beautiful in your neck of the woods! Can't believe a truck driver tried to go thru a park! Glad they got pulled over!

troutbirder said...

Leedra... Wow!!! I think GSMNP is going to the top of my list for a leaf tour next year

Rose said...

Leedra, these are simply beautiful!

George said...

These are beautiful pictures. Even though the traffic can be bad, I really like the Smokies.

Dawn said...

I can imagine the sound of the rushing water being as lovely as the setting.

Bird Girl said...

You did a great job with the rushing water - such a great tree and leaf color to go with it!

Leeloo's mum said...

Wow!! Awesome photos, I wish I could've been with you to see this! I love going hiking :)

Willard said...

I enjoyed all of your scenic shots, but I especially like the ones with water in them, and these are super!