Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My door of butterflies and moths

When I photographed my first butterfly digitally I printed it, added a magnet to the back and placed it on the door going out to my sun porch. Started at the top, right below the stained glass transom of Chickadees and white dogwoods.
Never dreamed the magnets would keep growing to this point. Some of them I do have the wing open and the wing closed photos, but not all. The great part about this, the majority of them are from my own yard, or my wonderful next door neighbor's yard. He is wonderful because he allows me to wander all over his yard with my camera in hand. Actually calls me on occasion and says "This is your wonderful neighbor, come quick with the camera." You think I am kidding about the first part of that, but he actually called me Sunday and said that. Another reason he and his wife are such wonderful neighbors is they kept the peacocks run off my house roof and back deck while I was on vacation. But back to the butterfly magnets.
Left side of the door, and the right side of the door. The door looks similiar to my blog right sidebar, except the butterflies are cut out. Just in case you noticed they are NOT sized in relation to each other.
Not listed in any particular order, I have
Spicebush Swallowtail
Red Spotted Purple Swallowtail
Pipevine Swallowtail
Tiger Swallowtail
Dark Tiger Swallowtail
Zebra Swallowtail
Zebra Heliconian
Julia Heliconian (just realised not on the door, or my sidebar)
Common Wood Numph (taken in the GSMNP)
Question Mark
Hairstreak (not sure which one)
Gulf Fritillary
Great Spangled Fritillary
Variegated Fritillary
Hackberry Emperor
American Painted Lady
Painted Lady
Red Admiral
Common Buckeye
White Peacock (taken in Florida)
Luna Moth
Yellow-Spotted Tiger Moth
Long Tailed Skipper
Silver Spotted Skipper
Common Checkerd Skipper
Dustywing (not absolutely sure which one)
Mourning Cloak (last added to the door, photographed the day I left on vacation)
Just realised I do not have the Cabbage White, Checkered White, or the Great Southern White on the door. I have photographed all 3. I have several of the Skippers and Sulphurs on the door, but they are hard to id, and I have several different ones of both in my yard. Gave up on trying to id them. I just say Sulphurs or Skippers and let it go at that most of the time. An example is the Sleepy Orange Sulphur or the Little Yellow Sulphur. Then there is the Common Sulphur or the Orange Sulphur, not to be confused with the Sleepy Orange Sulphur. Just makes my head spin.
This past Sunday I photographed a new butterfly. There is something about it when I get one, I could pour over the books for hours and still never figure out which one I just photographed. I sent the not so good photographs to Hap from New Hope and he identified it as the Tawny Emperor. I am not sure how he does it, but once Hap tells me the name I go to my book and the web site I visit and go "Yep, that's it." , and can even pick out the detail that makes it so, or not so. Hap has never told his story, at least not to me, but he does a fantastic job everytime I send him something, whether it is a bird or butterfly. I am posting the door for Hap. I promised him I would do this a LONG time ago. Hap, sorry it took me so long to do it. I do not have the Tawny Emperor on the door yet, hoping for a better photo.
I also want to say I had photographed half of these before I ever even saw a Monarch. They may be the most common in the United States, but definitely not in my yard. I now have lots of photographs of the Monarch with the wings together, but just a few with the wings open.
I also have photographs of a Salt March Moth or Acrea Moth (called both), taken on my spider plant on the front porch. Not documented to be in East Tennessee. Shown on the right sidebar, but not on the door. The Yellow-Spotted Tiger Moth (is on the door) is not documented to be in East Tennessee either, but I photographed it in Newport, Tennessee.
I told Hap on Sunday that I think the butterflies have notified all the other butterflies this is the place to be. I am not sure what the draw is, but I love it. I enjoy the butterflies more than the birds (sorry, to my birding blog buddies), and would love to add the plants that will help them. I do see them on my zinnia blooms and coneflower blooms more than anything else I have. I have never seen zinnia listed on anything I have read about butterflies. I am on a country road that it appears nobody sprays here. There are hayfields around me too.
Well, I am sure everybody has noticed I am not blogging much at all. Didn't even do my May monthly events post at the end of May, and May 2009 was the most eventful month I had since I started blogging, my 2nd grandson was born on May 7. If you haven't seen him his mother's blog can be viewed at , just had to make that plug there. The long story short (as I hear Alice at work say everyday) is, I don't know where I am headed with blogging. I have not visited anybody (so don't feel slighted at all) since before I left on vacation. And I know I need to. Also haven't posted but one other post since I came back.
I have been working on knitting projects, pulling weeds in the flowerbeds, my website, and I have joined Etsy. Etsy is for my cards, photos and my knitting. It is slow going adding to Etsy.
But the great news is I get to meet Shelley, Betsy and George on Friday morning. Shelley is coming to Tennessee and George, Betsy and I are going to meet her. Can't believe my Rockwood house is so close to George and Betsy and it takes Shelley visiting to get us to meet each other. I am so very excited about this!
Just realised I have been working on this post for an hour and half. This is why I do not have time to blog.
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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Your Butterfly door is such a special element in the house.Pleas don't give up on blogging.I always enjoy your pictures.Have a blast with George,Betsy and Shelly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leedra, my, you posted that
door in short order. I am very
impressed and can see why your
husband said "neat". Thank you
for the compliments, but this
is simply something I enjoy
doing. I collected lepidoptera
and coleoptera in my younger
days, but donated my collection
to 2 different museums locally
about 35 years ago. I still have
a passion for leps, but enjoy
them living in the wild. On the
right side of the door, 4th up
from the bottom, I see a Royal
Walnut (Regal) Moth (Citheronia
regalis), a real prize in most
collections. The one right above
the Checkered Skipper. Also, I
believe that hairstreak in the
upper right hand corner is a Gray Hairstreak (Strymon melinus). Thanks for another enjoyable post.
Hap in New Hope (MN)

Darla said...

Been thinking about you girl! I know you stay very busy, we all enjoy your photos so much. I believe this is a busy time of the year for everyone. I have noticed a lot of bloggers slowing down, it's to be expected.. Love, love the butterfly door. You taught me so much about butterflies last year, I am forever grateful.

Leedra said...

Hap - Thought the Hairstreak to be a gray, but have not been brave enough to say that. I have been calling the Checker Skipper the Common Checkered Skipper, is there a difference or are they the same? I know some people think the Painted Lady and American Painted Lady are referring to the same butterfly, but such differences in the 2.

You got me again with the moth, I was sure it was a Yellow Spotted Tiger Moth. Was wondering why you had not helped me with that one from the sidebar, but I see now that I don't have it on the side bar.

Did you look at the Salt Marsh Moth on the sidebar? Do I have it correct? If not, what is it? In the photo it does appear to have 2 heads.

Thanks again for all your help, and that was a refresher on where you came to be so knowledgeable. Reading this I do remember you telling me before.

Susie said...

Leedra I love the butterflies on the door. What a really neat idea.

I think this time of the year it's hard to blog with so much going on for all of us(me included).

I was just visiting another blogger who is giving it up. I hate that but can certainly understand.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Leedra, Yes---it is crazy that we haven't met yet, and that it takes Shelley coming to TN to get us all together... GADS!!!! ha

You know butterflies like we know roses... I am impressed. I don't know one butterfly from another.

I'd love to see your door sometime.

Tell me about peacocks in your yard. MERCY---where did they come from ????


Tina said...

I just loved your butterfly creative and so very nice!! I also liked that stained glass chickadee piece!
I wondered if all was well with your glad it is and congrats on your new grandson!!
Blog when you can, I know what you mean about time time time..and blogging it does take some minutes to edit and post and write...
Sooo glad you guys are going to get to meet..I'm sure you will have a great time. Take some pixs and someday when you have few moments..share!
Enjoy and relax..we will be here when you get "round-to-it"!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your butterflies Leedra. Wonderful that you get to meet such great blog friends!

Pam said...

Love the Butterflies on the door. I would go around in circles if I had to decipher between all those butterflies. I see you know your butterflies. I do not know the difference, but I love all butterflies.

Dorothy said...

What a neat way to display yur pretty butterflies!!! Really enjoyed this post. Please don't stop blogging, even if you cut back. I think I'm jealous of you, Betsy, George and Shelley getting to meet each other! ☺ Have fun and make pictures to post on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leedra, when I used the term
checkered skipper I was using it as a point of reference. In fact,
Pyrgus communis is the Common
Checkered Skipper. Actually, there
are several species of checkered
skipper in North America. American
Painted Lady is now just American
Lady, and Red-Spotted Purple is
actually its name -- it is not a
swallowtail. Yes, I believe that is
a Salt Marsh Moth (Estigmene acrea)
from the family Arctiidae. What it
appears you have here is a mating
pair with the female on the right.
When i find some time I will try
to tackle those skippers (ugh!)
and sulphurs. Love those leps.
Hap in New Hope

Leedra said...

Hap - Well I have wondered about the Red Spotted Purple. It is in my Swallowtail section, but I have always wondered why.

I did not know the American Painted Lady was now called the American Lady. Interesting.

I always thought the Salt Marsh was a mating pair. Glad you confirmed that one for me.

Thanks again for the help!

Shellmo said...

Hi Leedra! I'm in Lexington and tomorrow morning we make it the rest of the way to Tenn! I LOVE that butterfly door! So beautiful and such a creative way to display your work. I'm so glad you opened an Etsy shop - you need to PLUG yourself more in my opinion! You're a talented lady!
P.S. I agree w/ the others, a lot of bloggers have slowed down. It's summer - time to get out - a lot of family things happening (especially with you and your new grandson.)

George said...

I'm very impressed with your butterfly collection. I look forward to meeting you in person on Friday.

Jen said...

Leedra-what a clever idea! And you get to see your butterflies everyday with out logging on. :)
What a beautiful doorway!
Enjoy your visit. I already told Shelley to give you a hug from me, so if she doesn't, you grab her. one for Brtsy and George too. ;) have fun!

Connie said...

Really enjoyed all the comments and this post. You have a collection of which you can be very proud.

I think many of us are struggling with time to blog. Summer time is time to just let it go - this winter we will cherish our friends and the life it brings to our long winter days.

Sara G said...

wow, your butterfly door is amazing. I also love your stained glass above the door!!
How cool you are meeting Betsy and George!!! Have a fun fun time. And take LOTS of pictures.

Mary said...

I love your door and especially that stained glass piece. So beautiful. I hope you and Betsy and George and Shelley have a wonderful time!

NCmountainwoman said...

What a great idea! I've never made magnets or anything else with my photographs. You've given me some good ideas for gifts.

And, of course, I do love the chickadee and dogwood stained glass piece. My favorite bird and our state flower.

dAwN said...

oh that doorway is so cool!
what a great way to learn butterflies!
Beautiful. sounds like you are one busy lady! Good luck with the Etsy..i will check it out.

lisaschaos said...

how beautiful! What a fun idea! Love it! I love butterflies and you've made me wish I had a place to do something like that!