Friday, April 3, 2009

Black Vultures at the side of the road

These Black Vultures were on the side of the road in Florida, February 2009.
I have been trying to capture Turkey Vultures at home forever
it seems, can't begin to get close to them. These Black Vultures were on
the side of the road, we did a u-turn to get back to them.
They did not mind us stopping right next to them at all.
The rest of the story.....I dropped my lens cap under the seat in the car. I was kneeling next to the car trying to get the lens cap and stretched to reach it. Well, that wasn't very smart. My hand was then stuck under the seat. Couple of minutes of fright, and Jimmy pushing on the seat before my hand came loose. Morale of the story, do NOT stick your hand anywhere you have to squeeze it into. All of this to get a photo of the Black Vultures. (Alice you better like them.)
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Susie said...

Guess that was a little scary when you couldn't get your hand out.

Girl, I see these things all the time here. I do love to watch them fly. Their wingspread is amazing!

Bird Girl said...

I think the black vultures are very 'other worldly' looking - like something out of a Star Wars movie! And I'll tell you - I have their call on my ipod and it is thee single scariest bird sound you have EVER heard!!! Great shots! And sorry about your hand - yikes!

Mary said...

Scary when we do things like that. We are glad you risked your hand for these photos :-) I've never seen black vultures and usually only see the turkey vultures in the air. My lens cap hangs from the camera by a cord and can be clipped to the strap to keep it from dangling in the way. Can you attach yours that way?

lisaschaos said...

Wow! They look like turkey vultures dipped in oil. :)

Leedra said...

Mary - My point and shoot is that way. With the D-SLR I am forever changing lens (more than I should). Haven't ever attached it and really don't see a way to with these caps. I just have to be more careful, and not stupid as in this case.

Jan said...

Great post and photos, but man, they're ugly.

Kallen305 said...

Very cool pictures!!! Your lens cap story sounds like something I would do! Glad you are okay

Oz Girl said...

Same here, my point and shoot had the lens cap attached to the neck strap, but my dSLR does not. I'm surprised I haven't lost a lens cap ... YET!

Even these are ugly birds, they are very interesting to look at, and you really got some fantastic photos. Since you managed to free your hand, I'd say the photos were worth it! :)

Shellmo said...

Leedra - I'm glad you didn't lose a hand or finger!! Be careful my friend! Those black vultures look ominous!

Rose said...

Almost had me laughing out loud at this one...reminds me of me. Getting into things I can't get out of.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Those guys don't look much better than the Turkey Vultures.But you did get good shots of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leedra, glad the hand is ok.
Isn't it funny how this vulture
hangs on along the roadsides and
the Turkey Vulture won't? I had several similar scenes like this
in Florida last January. One
time though, there were three
Crested Caracara a little farther
in the background.Nice post!
Hap in New Hope (MN)

Pam said...

Great shots, but I do not think that I will be hanging these on my wall with the other bird pictures that I have of yours. These are not very pretty.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures of the vultures, Leedra... They must have been having a very serious discussion---a "Pow-Wow"!!!!! Ya think????

Glad your hand is okay.. That's scary when that happens.

Hope you have had a great day. We went to Hendersonville to see the folks. They are doing GREAT.. Amazing!!

George said...

The things you do to get great pictures for us to enjoy. I'm surprised these vultures let you get so close -- the vultures around here take off any time we try to get close.

Gardener's Garden said...

These really creep me out Leedra but you sure did get good is hard!

Carletta said...

I'm so glad you got the pics of these guys. Sorry about the hand though.
These guys are much better looking than the turkey vultures.
We had an article in our newspaper to report any black vultures. It seems they will attack live animals.