Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fluttering Buckeyes

We have had more Buckeye butterflies at our house this year than in previous years. Since I really like the Buckeye butterflies, I have really enjoyed the additional visits.

The next one is such an unusual capture, I just had to include it here.

The Buckeye on the pale pink zinnia is so different looking.

I also posted one at my Photography By Leedra blog back on July 29.
Not many people follow me there anymore, but the Buckeye on a different color looks so different. I have been lucky enough to capture them on different flowers, including the butterfly bush in the last photo.

Notice the difference in the eyespots on this last one.

It is getting real hectic at work with all the changes going on. I am still on evenings at this time, but doing prep work for going to days. Looks like it will be the end of October before I actually go to days. I decided to go ahead and post my butterfly pictures while they are fresh, and I will visit as I get a chance.
Tuesday evening I heard from the Gallery of the Mountains (Grove Park Inn, Asheville North Carolina). They are reordering cards from me. I checked their blog and one of my cards is on their blog, posted this past Sunday.
Oh, and some more good news is, the fawn was seen on Sunday afternoon. When spooked she goes straight for the woods behind the house, and not in the direction of the highway. So maybe she will survive.
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Darla said...

Great captures Leedra, Love the upclose of the details on the Buckeyes. Congrats on the reoders...I do hope your fawn survives.

Dar said...

Your photos of the Buckeye are gorgeous, so distinct. I love the one of his wings descending.
Days would be terrific. and
Your fawn is learning to survive.
You're on your way with your cards.

Dorothy said...

I just love those Buckeyes! I've had more of them, too. When you blow the picture up you can see that they have so many colors. Mine look smaller than I remember them from last year.
Last year I had a lot of Gulf Fritillaries, but none this year!

Leedra said...

Dorothy - I was just thinking yesterday about I have had no Gulf Fritillaries. Only one Great Spangled, and it had seen it's better days, so I deleted all of those photographs. I have a post ready with the Variegated Fritillary but only saw it a couple of days. But have seen lots more Buckeyes and Swallowtails. This rain has taken my zinnias on over the end, so the good photographs are gone for this year.

Jen said...

That 6th picture is unusual, wonder what it is doing.
Good luck with you card sales.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful! The Zinnias are such a perfect place for the butterflies.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Leedra, So sorry you have to move to 'days' at work--but I'm sure it will all work out, until you can retire.

Your Buckeyes are gorgeous... I like Monarchs --but the Buckeyes are AS pretty I think... Love your pictures..

Glad that Grove Park Inn is selling your pictures. Have you been there? It is a fabulous fabulous INN in Asheville... We went once --only for dinner.. WOW!!!!


Leedra said...

Betsy - When I really look at a Buckeye I see that it is one of the most beautiful butterflies God created. Then I look at a Great Spangled Fritillary, with it's wings can't be beat either. God didn't create anything ugly.

George said...

These are wonderful pictures of your Buckeye butterflies. I'm glad the fawn is running away from the highway when spooked.
Congratulations on your re-order from the Grove Park Inn.

lenalima said...

Adoro borboletas... Amei!

Elaine said...

The Buckeyes are really beautiful. The different flower really does make a difference in the way they look, but they all look good.

JKoenig said...

Your pictures are all so great. That one with both wings upright looks like two eyes staring at each other. Glad to hear your fawn is getting along well also.

Connie said...

These photos really show off the spots! There are some great shots here.

lisaschaos said...

I love the Buckeyes and they seem to always be good to you. You got SO many lovely shots of him!