Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Latest needle felted purse, finished and listed

This is the purse I showed in progress
(a few post down the page if you want to see it while I was working on it).
The first picture is what I call the back of the purse,
because the flap closure is on the other side.

Once it was completed I had a hard time making up my mind if it was going on Etsy, or my shoulder. Etsy finally won out, and the listing is here.
I know the butterfly isn't really a Swallowtail (at least not one that I have ever photographed). Have you ever tried to needle felt a Swallowtail? It ain't easy! LOL! So this is what I decided on after looking at my own bought clothing that had butterflies. None of those butterflies look like the real thing either. Notice the tiny little bead for his eye. I was afraid to use the size I have been using for the birds, thought it would be too big. Can barely see this one in person.
The last picture is the front of the purse. Notice the green at the bottom on the front and the back. It is needle felted across the bottom and goes up just enough on each side for the flower stems to start in the grass.
When I make these and list them on Etsy my thought is if they don't sell the nieces will get purses for Christmas this year. This past year they all received scarfs, (never listed on Etsy). The purses would be a step up, don't you think? So far, they are selling, some faster than others. The last one I sold was shipped to Alaska, as far as I know, not to somebody that follows my blog.
It has turned cool here, and I refuse to turn the heat back on (so far). We had a little rain yesterday. I don't think Nashville got much, they aren't over the flood yet, so they can't handle much. My paying job is related to circuit troubles for AT&T, in 6 states. So I have had to work extra due to the flooding in Tennessee. The stories I am hearing out of Nashville are bad. The people in Nashville need continued prayer at this time.
Also remember Dorothy's Joe and Darla's Dad.
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Darla said...

This is a beautiful bag Leedra! The last sentence brought a tear of thankfulness to my eye.

Bird Girl said...

That is gorgeous! I love everything about it, Leedra! It's so much fun to see what you are making now :-)

itsJUSTme said...

Wow, thats beautiful!!! Really nice job!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous purse, Leedra... You do such nice work!!!! I'm sure you won't have any trouble selling it (all of them).

I posted a neat video from Nashville today... Be sure and stop by and see it.


Dorothy said...

Beautiful new items, Leedra! You must have lots of energy to work and do all this too! Thanks for the blog plug! Joe went to the whirlpool today and they re-wrapped his arms. Tomorrow more whirlpool and then surgery, so it will be a big day! We are so thankful for all the prayers being lifted for him!

JKoenig said...

Your purse turned out really neat! I think the butterfly adds just the finishing touch.

Neferi said...

I like a lot ♥.

Connie said...

Beautiful. You are certainly multi-talented.

Connie said...

You added a lot of very detailed touches which really sets off the purse. Someone is going to be so happy!

dAwN said...

Beautiful! You are sooo talented! Great gifts!

Susie said...

That is adorable Leedra!

lisaschaos said...

You do very nice work! I loved the flowers in the other post and I think the butterfly is a great addition! lovely purse!