Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring is in the air

When we first bought the property we now live at I planted crocus on the bank at the road. We bought the property in 2004. I had forgotten about the crocus, until this year, when they finally decided to bloom.
They are scattered across the 300 yards of road frontage.
Hopefully they will get thicker over time.

On that same embankment I also planted extra daffodils. They have been doing very good and begin blooming every year before the ones in my yard bloom. This is due to the way the sun hits that small hill.

But when Granny Sorrells' daffodils begin blooming is when I really get excited.

This row of Granny's daffodils is the width of an old style tiller. Jimmy tilled 140ft strip to plant these numerous blubs in. Then I sat and planted one bulb in each hole I made. These were planted in October 2004. One week after the closing of property purchase. After all, I have to keep my priorities in order. Notice Jimmy also lined both sides with a brick border.

Here is last year's post about Granny's daffodils. The daffodils were further in the season than they are right now, so they look alot thicker.

Mason (at 2 years old) loves his Granny's daffodils. Someday he will know they are actually his Great-Great Granny's daffodils. I hope he (and all my grandchildren) will cherish them as much as I do.

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The Early Birder said...

Whow, that's a fabulous display of Granny's daffs Leedra to herald a new Spring. FAB.

George said...

I'm jealous of all your beautiful daffodils. Ours haven't started to bloom yet. We need a few more days of warm weather.

Bird Girl said...

Is there anything prettier than purple and yellow spring flowers? It just reminds me of Easter when I was a little girl and my mom always had the Ideals book with all the gorgeous pictures of chicks and bunnies and children in their Easter bonnets! Beautiful pictures, Leedra!

Carletta said...

I hope someday you give some of those daffodils to all your grandchildren to plant in their own yards. :)
Lovely images!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Leedra, I remember Granny's Daffodils from last year. GORGEOUS... And I love your purple Crocuses. We had Crocuses blooming --but so far, no Daff's. It's still cold up here --at least it was today!!! I'm ready for spring.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

All those Daffodils are so pretty and such a wonderful reminder of people who have passed on.

♥-Cheryl said...

Your spring blooms are food for the soul! I particularly love the idea of the daffodils being passed down from generation to generation. Wonderful! --Thanks for visiting; yes, the general store was in the middle of NOWHERE. I honestly thought we read the map wrong and was ready to turn around when up it popped!

Pam said...

And a beautiful bunch of spring flowers have arrive at your house I see, they are gorgeous, Leedra.

Connie said...

That is a wonderful Spring welcome!

Susie said...

The crocus are so pretty Leedra as are the daffodils. I planted some crocus one time, years ago and not a one came up. I told myself I wouldn't plant them ever again.

Pam said...

I love the daffodils. Mine are bloomomg everywhere. They are so beautiful. Great photos.