Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fiber Festival in Townsend, Tennessee

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I was going to go the Fiber Festival. I had a blast. But I didn't do very well with my photography. Been knitting too much and not going out with my camera enough. Forgot a very basic rule. The sun was not shining on their faces and I didn't turn on the flash. Nor did I up the ISO. Hence, cannot see their faces, too dark.
I learned just a little about different sheep. These are Suffolk Sheep. And they herd with Border Collies.
They all want to stay real close to each other, and do not like it when one is separated to be sheared.
And the one being captured to be sheared isn't too excited about it either.
But once the shearing begins the sheep are really very calm.
Every few minutes could hear a very quiet "Bhah, Bhah"

And look at the wool off just one sheep. I am sure there is some work to do with it before it gets to the consumer (me) even when we get it in close to raw form for needle felting.

I bought lots of rovering for my needle felting and even found a wonderful blue for bluebirds. Now if I can just needle felt a bluebird I am satisfied with. I only get to keep the purses to use for myself when I don't think they are quite up to selling quality. Ladies, it looks like I might be getting the first one. No, I didn't do this on purpose so I could have the first one.
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Dawn said...

I just purchased natural wool from a seller on Etsy, it think it's suffolk too. It's been to the manufacturer for refining, 1 step above raw I guess. Lots of veggie matter in raw but it works for mohair as doll hair (easy to brush but will felt only when added to wool). I'm excited to get the wool, should arrive tomorrow.

Pam said...

I can wait on the felted purse. You will get the needle felting down pat. Your felted purses are so beautiful.

George said...

I enjoyed your pictures from the Fiber Festival. The sheep shearing was interesting.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How interesting, Leedra. Glad you went.... I think your pictures are good of the sheep. I cannot wait to see your finished purse... I'll bet it will be GREAT---and someone besides YOU will want it!!!!!! ha

Have fun!!!

Bird Girl said...

I just loved the picture with the Border Collie running through - so darn cool! You were taking those pictures in the worst possible sun and sometimes even the fill flash doesn't help. Can't wait to see a bluebird - yippee!

Susie said...

Even tho they look funny without all their fur I think it would feel pretty good to get all that off.

Pam said...

I enjoyed your wonderful photos and info about the sheep sheering, Leedra.
I think the sheep were crying..
bhah, bhab black faced sheep have no more wool!

Darla said...

How funny....I love seeing things like this..

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

The felted clogs I showed on my post are just felted on the bottom (kinda slippery) but i am thinking of looking into getting soles and sewing them to the bottom. Wouldn't happen to know where I can get some do you?

Leedra said...

itsJUSTme-wendy -- I was asking because I don't know where to find anything for the bottom. I have seen some of these type slippers/clogs on Etsy that have bottoms applied. Looks like it is painted on, but I don't know what it is. Or where to find it.

Dar said...

How fun to read this memory-flash entry. My folks raised Suffolks and Columbias, both great for their wool. I would have loved to have been there. My brother did the shearing.
Thanks so much for the great memory. You have made my day.
Bless You and Hoppy Easter

lisaschaos said...

Still beautiful, we all make oopsies every now and then. :) I bet it was fun!

Sunny said...

Sheep...my favorite! I love this series of pictures.
You do extraordinary felting work Leedra.
Sunny :)

JKoenig said...

Your pictures reminded me of when I was young and lived on a farm and my dad had someone to come in a shear the sheep. It was always an exciting night, and the sheep always looked so skinny and clean after it was done.

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

I did a search for "slipper soles" and "slipper bottoms" and i found some but I don't want to pay that much. They range from 9.95 - 19.99. It would be ok for myself but i am making them for Christmas and that would get expensive. I will keep looking. But, if you are interested - Fiber Trends has some nice ones.

Carletta said...

Whooly little sheep just in time for Easter. :)
Hope you'll show us the purse.

Feltmaker said...

Ooh Suffolks - love them - we had Suffolk crosses on my grandparents farm :D

Anonymous said...

Wonderful festival pictures Leedra. I hope you and your family have a very nice Easter.

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

You have an award waiting for you at my Blog. Come pick it up.