Friday, January 8, 2010

My knitting projects update

Well, it is VERY COLD here for the Tennessee Valley. It has not reached 32 in the last 8 days, and no chance of it in the next week. Thinking we are going to break the record of 12 days. The edges of the lakes are frozen, and all the ponds are frozen. I am not out taking photographs of the snow we received yesterday because I HATE the cold! So I continue to knit, and thought I would show you some of what I have been knitting.

The first photo is Mason showing off his cap.

These two are Noah showing off his cap. The male adults think the caps are cute on backwards. Me? I like it on the correct way. And Mason in his newest cap. This one has the earflaps and ties. It was hard to keep him still to take any photos. It has been cold and he was so excited about being outside.

So here is the cap laying on the sofa.
After I made my first pair of fingerless gloves (for Lindsey) I decided for myself they need to be a little larger. I designed this pattern myself. I am currently knitting my 6th pair of fingerless gloves.
The first sweater I sold on my Etsy site.
The 2nd sweater I sold on my Etsy site (to the same customer).
I have labels I ordered from another Etsy person. I also have labels that say "designed and hand knit by" for the items that I design. Although I don't put any labels in the gloves, don't figure they will be very comfortable in there.
My "Big Orange" purse. I designed this one, and have enjoyed it more than I thought I would, because I don't normally wear alot of UT orange clothing. I have been stopped in the stores when I am out and about with it. What an opportunity to give out business cards. One lady wanted to know if I would be willing to make her a Kentucky one. She got a business card, but I have not heard from her yet.
Still tweaking the design and will be making more in other colors.

Been doing alot of other knitting too, it is TOO COLD here to be outside with a camera, even for snow photos.
Hope everybody is staying warm, no matter where you are. Miss everybody, but life is still busy, and yes, alot of the busy is knitting.

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Sunny said...

Wow, Leedra you have been busy. Such beautiful knitting you have done. I love the caps, adorable!
I haven't knitted for years but now I feel inspired!
We have lots of snow and very cold.
Keep warm.
Sunny :)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Each piece is lovely.The little fellows look adorable in their hats.

Darla said...

Girl, you have been busy!!!! These are wonderful and the models are show them off quite well!! Nice to hear from you....

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Leedra... Now I know why you don't blog much anymore. Your knitting is fabulous. Love all of the grandsons' hats. SO beautiful. Mason and Noah are both adorable. I know you are enjoying being a grandmother. What do they call you???? I am Grammy and my best friend is Mimi.

Glad to hear from you. Stay WARM.

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Oh my gosh! What adorable hats! I love the top two, the cap. Where did you get the patterns? Can you share?

My mom lives in TN south of Knoxville and she has been saying how cold it has been.

Susie said...

Hey Leedra, so good to hear from you. Those items are just adorable. Almost as cute as those babies.

Happy New Year to You!

Connie said...

Wow, I wouldn't be taking pictures of snow either, if I could knit like you do! Love those little caps. Congrats on your Etsy sales - may you have many more.

Fun purse!

JKoenig said...

Those little boy's hats are so cute. You have made some lovely things.

Leedra said...

It's Just Me Wendy ----The earflap cap(hat?) came out of a book called "NEED A HAT?" CABIN FEVER. Claims to be 672 combinations in the book. Cabin Fever appears to be the company name. With all these combinations I thought it was mind boggling to begin with, but just had to dive in and follow when it sent me to a different page for a few steps.

The other cap I will have to see what the name of it is.

I am beginning to see that all patterns kind of boggle my mind until I just go ahead and start and just follow step by step and end out with a finished project.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family Leedra. You are very talented and I can tell you put a lot of love in each creation. Thank you for your kind comments and prayers for us.

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

hmm I will have to look into that hat book. Maybe the library has it. About the felted purses. I too tried to find a pattern with pockets but couldn't find one, So I made it up! All you have to do is knit a separate square and just sew it on! During the felting process it kind of melts together and you can't even tell. Try it and let me know.

Dawn said...

Goodness! You have been busy, they are all very beautifully put together and congrats on the Etsy sale!

Rose said...

You've sure been busy! I like everything you made.

dAwN said...

Wonderful Creations!...

Oz Girl said...

Like you, I have difficulty staying outside long enough in the cold to get any decent photos!

You are a very prolific knitter, just like my sister. And you are both so very good at it! I am so jealous. ;-) I love the two hats you made for Mason, mostly because I am partial to browns in clothing. His hats are beautiful!

Mary said...

I love the hat with the ties! You've been knitting some wonderful stuff. I need a pair of gloves with just one finger tip missing to push the camera button! LOL! I'm thinking about buying some and cutting one finger tip off.

Denise said...

I'm impressed with your knitting skills Leedra, and what darling little boys.

Leedra said...

Mary - That actually would be better than the fingerless. The camera is the reason I first looked at the fingerless gloves, but right now they seem to be very popular. My girls sure did like the ones they got for Christmas.