Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pair of House Finch at Rockwood

This past Sunday after we delivered the baby cradle to Wendy and Lukas we went onto Rockwood so Jimmy wouldn't have to get up at 4AM on Monday.

I decided it was time to sit in my photographer's blind,

since I had not used it in a month.

The Mrs. noticed me as soon as they landed,

and Mr House Finch just turned his back on me.

She went down to the cage perch next to the feeder.
Now that the owner of the house (me) doesn't seem to want to fill the cage
they use it to hop over to the feeder.
And she did as all the others, right after I got this photo.
With her eye glint I was quite pleased with it, even if she is sitting on a cage.
Update: I originally posted these as Purple Finch,
but they are House Finch.
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Anonymous said...

very nice photos Leedra.

Mary said...

I hate to burst your bubble, but are you sure those aren't House finches?? Too stripy for a Purple finch, I think. A female purple finch has a very distinctive eye patch.

Susie said...

They are so sweet. We had a couple flying around the nursery lots. Well little did we know they were building a nest in an asparagus fern. They had 6 little eggs but unfortunately something got them.

Jan said...

I love these, we don't have Purple here, just House and Yellow.

Connie said...

The birds are so entertaining and photogenic! You did great!

troutbirder said...

Cute little rascals aren't they. Our are still haning around much later than usual.

dAwN said...

Great photos..I still have issues know the diff between a house sparrow and a purple finch.

Whens the baby a comin.

Leedra said...

Mary - Right before I opened your comment I was at Cornell's site again and had just about come to the same conclusion. Once before somebody told me they thought I had a mix between a Purple and House. I sent those photos to Cornell and they told me it was a Purple. Around the eye these look like House Finch, but the body has me wondering.

I like your comment about 'burst you bubble'. We all want to see the Purple, the House is just so much more common.

Dawn - You are asking the million dollar question. We all wish we knew the answer to that one. It is a nice rainy day here. Would be a great day to be sitting at the hospital. No word of that going to happen today though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leedra, I have to agree with
Mary, looks like a House Finch
pair to me also. These are some
excellent photos that leave little
doubt as to their identity.
Well done!

Hap in New Hope

Shellmo said...

Nice finch shots Leedra! They are fun birds to watch.

lisaschaos said...

Last time I said purple someone corrected me too - I guess if they're that easy to confuse we dream them to be whatever we want. :) They are beautiful!

Pam said...

Great finch photos. It looked like they were interesting to watch.

Rose said...

I was wondering the same to tell the difference. I know I need to do investigating to see.